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Airtime Transfer (4)

How do I transfer airtime using my Econet line?

  • Go to Messages >> Compose Message >> Enter amount#mobile number and then send the message to 31117.
  • Minimum airtime you can transfer a day is $1.00 and the maximum value of airtime that can be transferred per day is $20.00.
  • The number of transactions that can be carried out per day are limited to a total value of $20.
  • Please do not leave spaces and enter dollar signs on the amount. If the amount of airtime to be transferred includes cents, you use a full stop to separate for example $1.50 will be sent in the format 1.50#0772366721.
  • If the subscriber you are transferring airtime to has a negative balance due to requested Airtime credit, the transaction will not go through. Please advise the receiver to top up with $1 first to cancel the airtime credit and proceed with the airtime transfer transaction

I have transferred airtime to a wrong number or a line that is currently not being used/ inactive.

Call 111 or 119 immediately or visit the nearest Econet shop and provide the following:

  • The number you sent the airtime from
  • The inactive number
  • The amount
  • The number you would like to get the airtime credited into


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Buddie Beatz (19)

Do I get charged for registering on the Buddie Beatz service?

Yes. The registration fee is USD $0.20.

What can I find in the Buddie Beatz Library?

  • Ring back tones to purchase in the Buddie Beatz store.
  • Ring back tone previews.
  • A list of the most popular music by monthly, weekly or total rank
  • You can use it to search for your favourite music by ring back tone code, name or artist.
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Buddie Zone and Ezetop (22)

What does the Buddie Zone offer?

Touch Messaging

  • An exclusive service that lets you share special pre-set messages with your loved ones in South Africa any time you wish for FREE.
  • You can send greetings, blessings or even words of encouragement.
  • For example, you can send a “Good Morning” or a “Happy Birthday, I wish I was there” message wherever and whenever.

Call Me Backs

  • Allows you to send FREE Call Me Backs to Call Home lines in South Africa.
  • You can reach out to loved ones in South Africa whenever you need to – even if you are out of airtime!
  • Please note that you cannot send to other South African networks and these include Vodacom, Virgin Mobile, 8ta, CellC and MTN.

Send Home Airtime

  • Through Buddie Zone, you will be able to purchase our international airtime voucher called “Send Home” airtime, use it to top-up on your Call Home line and then transfer the airtime directly into an Econet pre-paid number of your choice – instantly and at no additional cost.
  • It is also available across Europe, America, Canada, and the UK via ezetop, or via the ezetop website
  • The airtime will be received into your Send Home wallet via the Buddie Zone and can either be used as airtime or transferred to friends. For Zimbabweans living in South Africa, this line is the best deal around. No other pre-paid service in South Africa offers such a low call rate as well as the added benefits attached to this product.For Zimbabweans living in South Africa, this line is the best deal around. No other pre-paid service in South Africa offers such a low call rate as well as the added benefits attached to this product.

How much will I be charged for sending or receiving the airtime?

During the transfer, the Rand airtime will be converted to US dollars using the foreign currency exchange rate for that day and you will not incur any additional costs when sending the airtime and the recipient will also not be charged when redeeming or receiving the airtime.

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Call Line Identity (2)

My phone is not displaying the names of the people who are calling me even though I have saved all their details in my phone book.

  1. Please verify that you saved the correct details in your phone book.
  2. For grey handsets, you might need to visit the nearest Econet Shop for further assistance.

What is Call Line Identity?

It is a service that informs you of who is calling you by just taking a quick glance on the screen of your phone.

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Call Me Back (8)

How do I send a Call Me Back message?

Option 1: Dial *555* mobile number # on their mobile phone and wait for a confirmation message. e.g. *555*0772XXXXXX#

Option 2: Dial *140# >> select Option 2- Call Me Back >> enter the mobile number (0772XXXXXX) that you want to send a “call me back” to and wait for a confirmation message to pop-up on the screen.

  • Call Home line >> call waiting (without entering the SA country code).
  • You are limited to 5 Call Me Backs every 24hrs and the service is valid for Econet to Econet numbers only. The limit is 3 Call Me Backs for every 24hrs to Call Home lines.

Can I send a Call Me Back to numbers on other networks?

No. You can only send Call Me Backs to Econet numbers and Call Home lines only.

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Call Waiting (4)

How do I activate my line for the Call Waiting option?

Dial *43# and wait for the confirmation message or go to their device Settings >> Call Settings >> Call Waiting >> Activate.

How do I deactivate my line for the Call Waiting option?

Dial #43# and wait for the confirmation message or go to their device Settings >> Call Settings >> Call Waiting >> Deactivate.

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CarryMeHome (22)

What is repatriation?

It is the transportation of human remains to their home country in the unfortunate event of a death.

What happens to my CarryMeHome policy if I permanently/temporarily return to my home country (Zimbabwe/Lesotho)?

  • If you return to your home country and fail to continue paying your monthly contributions, your account will be terminated.
  • If you permanently return to your home country, you can inform us and we will cancel your CarryMeHome policy.
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Cell Broadcast (2)

How do I activate the Cell Broadcast Service on my Econet line?

  • Please note that the following activation process differs from handset to handset:
  • Go to Phone Menu >> Settings >> Display Settings >> Cell Info Display >> Select On/Activate.

What is the Cell Broadcast Service?

A service found on various handsets that allows them to display the name of the base station (booster) the mobile account is picking network from.

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Commercial Messages (7)

Do I automatically get the commercial message on my phone?

No. You have to first register/subscribe for the service.

Do I get charged for registering for the Commercial Messages?

No. You are not charged for both registering and using the service. It is for free.

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Dynamic Tariffing Service (DTS) (1)

What is Dynamic Tariffing?

  • Location-based tariffing service that provides mobile network operators with a unique platform to attract new customers, retain the existing customer base and generate profitable revenues, while protecting the quality of the mobile network.
  • A charging solution that enables mobile network operators to offer customers voice call discounts based on the amount of capacity available at their current location in the network.
  • You are awarded a discount that appears on your mobile handset screen or that is given to them when you initiate a call “Start of Call Notification”.
  • Discounts are available for the duration of the phone call.
  • The discount available to changes periodically depending on the amount of capacity available at your specific location in the network. The more capacity there is at your location, the higher the discount that is offered.
  • Available for pre-paid customers only.
  • We are currently offering it as a promotion called Buddie Zone.
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Econet Free Birthday Message Service (7)

How many free Birthday Messages am I awarded on my birthday?

The customer is issued 10 FREE local smses on their Econet Line.

What happens to the free Birthday Messages if I own more than one Econet line?

You can only receive 10 free smses regardless of how many Econet lines are registered in your name. If the customer has more than one Econet line, the smses are credited into the first mobile number that you registered as a customer.

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Econetmail (14)

What are the benefits of using Econetmail?

  • Fast access to your email
  • A unique and personalized email address
  • A customized email address that is simple and easily accessible to friends, family and business associates. If they know your phone number then they know your email address!
  • You can access your mail whenever and wherever you need to. This means that you can access your mail from any device (phone, laptop, ipad and desktop) from anywhere in the world.
  • Your email account comes with spam and virus scans together with a mailbox with a capacity of 10years worth of emails.
  • With Econetmail, inboxes will not slow down and ‘freeze” on photos, videos, and other large file attachments with twice the attachment size limit of other providers.
  • You also get daily backups, where your email account data is saved nightly to top their data centres and restored from the past 14days directly from the control panel at no additional cost.

What are the basic features of Econetmail?

  • Spam and Virus Protection
  • Daily Backups
  • Secure Encryption
  • 360° Outlook Backup
  • 50MB attachments
  • 10GB Mailbox
  • Ad-free and Privacy guaranteed
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eTXT (12)

What are the benefits of using eTXT?

  • Free Econet email and chat address for all Econet subscribers. This will be the customer’s mobile phone number (example
  • Can send and receive chat messages on your mobile phone.
  • Internet messaging without a PC.
  • Mobile Messaging using your existing phone; No Smartphone required.
  • No data connection required;
  • No downloads required, no compatibility/configuration issues;
  • Email, Chat and Social Network contacts are stored in the phone’s address book for easy, quick messaging and identification of incoming messages.
  • No downloading of programs so it works on any phone.
  • Can send email messages from any mobile phone just like an SMS with no internet needed.

How do I register for an eTXT account?

  • SMS Webreg space followed by their NAME to 30000. For Example: webreg John Smith and wait for a confirmation message with their new email & chat address which is their cell
  • All messages to 30000 are FREE.
  • Log onto use your username and password to activate your eTXT account.
  1. Please Save 30000 as the eTXT setup number in their phonebook.
  2. Before you can use the service, first purchase any of the two plans highlighted below by sending the word PLAN to 30000.
Plan/Subscription Purchase Price How to Purchase a Plan
7 days USD $0.30 sms PLAN 7 (P7) to 30000
30 days USD $1.00 sms PLAN 30 (P30) to 30000

You will receive a confirmation message on your device when your transaction has gone through.

  1. For details on how to add contacts, send emails & chat messages, or other questions, smsthe word HELP to 30000 and select any of the following options:
  • Send Email.
  • Chat with Yahoo or MSN, Gtalk and Facebook.
  • Website
  • Chat status
  • Change email address
  • Find contacts
  • Get address INFO
  • Change eTXT name
  • eTXT charges
  • STOP the service
  • Call centre
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Line Registration (6)

How long does it take to register an Econet Line?

  • Econet shop >>The line should be active within 48hrs after the customer’s details have been verified.
  • Zimpost outlet >>Depending on the area, the line should be registered and activated on the spot.
  • In the event that the Zimpost outlet cannot register the customer on the spot, the line should be active within 7 working days.

Can I register my line over the phone like what other network providers do?

  • No. Econet subscribers cannot register their lines over the phone.
  • Customer details have to be verified first using the submitted copy of ID.
  • Please visit the nearest Econet Shop or Zimpost outlet for assistance with line registration.
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