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Airtime Transfer (4)

What is Airtime Transfer?

A service that allows pre-paid subscribers to send and receive airtime through the use of their mobile phones.

How do I transfer airtime using my Econet line?

  • Go to Messages >> Compose Message >> Enter amount#mobile number and then send the message to 31117.
  • Minimum airtime you can transfer a day is $1.00 and the maximum value of airtime that can be transferred per day is $20.00.
  • The number of transactions that can be carried out per day are limited to a total value of $20.
  • Please do not leave spaces and enter dollar signs on the amount. If the amount of airtime to be transferred includes cents, you use a full stop to separate for example $1.50 will be sent in the format 1.50#0772366721.
  • If the subscriber you are transferring airtime to has a negative balance due to requested Airtime credit, the transaction will not go through. Please advise the receiver to top up with $1 first to cancel the airtime credit and proceed with the airtime transfer transaction
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Buddie Beatz (19)

How do I purchase a Buddie Beatz ringtone?

  • If your line is registered for the service you need a minimum of USD $0.25 in your account.
    Send “def space Song ID” to 35557 (This is not case sensitive).
  • IVR >> Dial 35557 >> Select Option 1- Enquiry to order Ringtone Code from Playlist. You should then select the playlist that you want to listen to (e.g. Billboard) >> you will then be prompted to select a ringtone and be given an opportunity to listen to it.
  • USSD >> Dial *157*Song ID#
  • You should receive a message confirming the successful purchase of the song.
  • Send a message with the following “default space Song ID to 35557 to activate the song as your default ringback tone.

How do I purchase a Buddie Beatz ringtone as a gift for another person?

  • You and the person you want to send a gift ring back tone need to be registered on Buddie Beatz. You will need a minimum of USD $0.25 in your account.
  • IVR >> Dial 35557 >> Select Option 9- To send ring back tone to a friend >> Input number and then press the “#” key.
  • USSD >> Dial *157*Phone number to receive*Song ID#
  • WEB >> Customer should login to using their Mobile
  • Number and Password >> they can preview the tones (by Genre, Artist, and Top Lists) songs before purchase >> Click on the Gift Icon to buy for someone else.
  • You will receive a message confirming the successful purchase of the song.
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Buddie Zone and Ezetop (22)

How Do I send a Touch Message using the Buddie Zone Service?

  1. Dial *146*100# >> Select Option 1-Touch >> Select the Touch Message Option they want >> Enter the SA Call Home customer number E.g. 27841234567 and wait for a confirmation message to pop-up on their screen. Daily limit is 5.
  2. Please note that the USSD code times-out after 90seconds for security reasons hence you will need to be fast when using the service.

Can I roam within Zimbabwe using my Econet Call home Sim card?

At the moment, the Call Home Sim card only works within South Africa.

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Call Line Identity (2)

What is Call Line Identity?

It is a service that informs you of who is calling you by just taking a quick glance on the screen of your phone.

My phone is not displaying the names of the people who are calling me even though I have saved all their details in my phone book.

  1. Please verify that you saved the correct details in your phone book.
  2. For grey handsets, you might need to visit the nearest Econet Shop for further assistance.
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Call Me Back (8)

How do I activate my line for the Call Me Back service?

  1. Econet lines are automatically active for the Call Me Back service.
  2. You are limited to 5 Call Me Backs every 24hrs and the service is valid for Econet to Econet numbers only.

I am trying to send a Call Me Back but the response is “You have reached your Daily Limit” or “Daily Limit has been exceeded”.

  1. Please note that the Call Me Back limit is 5 every 24hrs for all Econet lines and 3 Call Me Backs if sending to a Call Home number.
  2. Once you exceed the daily limit you will only be able to send the next day or after 24hrs.
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Call Waiting (4)

What is Call Waiting?

This is an option that alerts you, through a special tone, to an incoming call if you are already talking to somebody else.

How do I activate my line for the Call Waiting option?

Dial *43# and wait for the confirmation message or go to their device Settings >> Call Settings >> Call Waiting >> Activate.

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CarryMeHome (22)

What are the requirements needed to register for the CarryMeHome Policy?

In order to qualify for CarryMeHome, applicants must meet the following criteria;

  • Econet Call Home number.
  • Must be resident in South Africa.
  • Over the age of 18 years.
  • Must be 65 years or younger.
  • Must be in possession of a valid South African or Zimbabwean or Lesotho Identity document.

Will my family receive any continuous receiving payments when I have passed on?

  • The policy is only for repatriation services and a possible death benefit – there are NO recurring payments.
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Cell Broadcast (2)

What is the Cell Broadcast Service?

A service found on various handsets that allows them to display the name of the base station (booster) the mobile account is picking network from.

How do I activate the Cell Broadcast Service on my Econet line?

  • Please note that the following activation process differs from handset to handset:
  • Go to Phone Menu >> Settings >> Display Settings >> Cell Info Display >> Select On/Activate.
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Commercial Messages (7)

How do I select the type of messages that I want to receive?

Sms “CATEGORYNAME” to 30440 and you will be given a list of categories to choose from.

  1. Categories include:

                                                            i.         Informational

                                                           ii.         Promotional

                                                         iii.         Commercial

                                                         iv.         Buddie

                                                           v.         Econet Solar

                                                         vi.         Broadband

                                                        vii.         Econetinthecommunity

                                                      viii.         Ecocash

                                                         ix.         Business Partna

  1. SMS the category name to 30440 (as shown above) and wait for a confirmation response.

How do I know that I have successfully subscribed for Commercial Messages?

You will receive a confirmation message reading “Thank you. You have successfully registered for latest updates, news, offers & buzz”.

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Dynamic Tariffing Service (DTS) (1)

What is Dynamic Tariffing?

  • Location-based tariffing service that provides mobile network operators with a unique platform to attract new customers, retain the existing customer base and generate profitable revenues, while protecting the quality of the mobile network.
  • A charging solution that enables mobile network operators to offer customers voice call discounts based on the amount of capacity available at their current location in the network.
  • You are awarded a discount that appears on your mobile handset screen or that is given to them when you initiate a call “Start of Call Notification”.
  • Discounts are available for the duration of the phone call.
  • The discount available to changes periodically depending on the amount of capacity available at your specific location in the network. The more capacity there is at your location, the higher the discount that is offered.
  • Available for pre-paid customers only.
  • We are currently offering it as a promotion called Buddie Zone.
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Econet Free Birthday Message Service (7)

I did not receive any free Birthday Messages on my birthday.

Please call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

When do my free Birthday Messages expire?

Please note that the free messages are only valid for 7 days. After that they will expire and will be removed from your account.

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Econetmail (14)

Can anyone register for an Econetmail account?

All Econet customers are able to register for the service but they need to be already active for our Econet Broadband services.

How does one activate an Econetmail account?

  • Dial >> *155# >> Select option 1- Activate Email and wait for a confirmation message with your passwords details. You should then log onto the web address on the message which is and enter your username and password.
  • Email their mobile number to,
  • Your password becomes active at most 10minutes after receiving it and it is only valid for 24hrs before it expires.
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eTXT (12)

I am getting the response “You do not have an active subscription” whenever I try to use my eTXT account.

Once sure when the service stopped working, please call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

I registered for eTXT but I was charged twice for one subscription.

Please call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

*Kindly note that refunds are not a guarantee and they take time to be processed, you will however be notified once feedback has been received on your query after contacting us.

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Line Registration (6)

I registered my Econet line and now I would like to confirm if it was successfully registered in my name.

Call 111 or 119 to check if the line has been registered and activated yet. If not registered please return to the Econet Shop/ZimPost outlet they registered their line and make enquiries on when the line will be activated.

I bought an Econet line but it is not registered in my name. How do I re-register it using my personal details?

If the line is not registered in your name, Change of Ownership will be required. To change ownership of the line you will need to visit an Econet shop with the following:

  • Your ID and a copy of it
  • The Sim certificate
  • A utility bill as proof of residence
  • A completed affidavit form that you collect from an Econet shop that should be signed and stamped by a commissioner of oaths
  • When you bring these documents to the Econet shop closest to you they can help you with the change of ownership process.

*For lines registered in a company name, approval will only be made when they visit their nearest Econet Shop with a letter on a Company Letterhead.
The letter should state that the company is revoking all its rights to the line and that the individual can now register it using their personal details.

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