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Airtime Transfer

What is Airtime Transfer?

A service that allows pre-paid subscribers to send and receive airtime through the use of their mobile phones.

How do I transfer airtime using my Econet line?

  • Go to Messages >> Compose Message >> Enter amount#mobile number and then send the message to 31117.
  • Minimum airtime you can transfer a day is $1.00 and the maximum value of airtime that can be transferred per day is $20.00.
  • The number of transactions that can be carried out per day are limited to a total value of $20.
  • Please do not leave spaces and enter dollar signs on the amount. If the amount of airtime to be transferred includes cents, you use a full stop to separate for example $1.50 will be sent in the format 1.50#0772366721.
  • If the subscriber you are transferring airtime to has a negative balance due to requested Airtime credit, the transaction will not go through. Please advise the receiver to top up with $1 first to cancel the airtime credit and proceed with the airtime transfer transaction

I have transferred airtime to a wrong number or a line that is currently not being used/ inactive.

Call 111 or 119 immediately or visit the nearest Econet shop and provide the following:

  • The number you sent the airtime from
  • The inactive number
  • The amount
  • The number you would like to get the airtime credited into


I transferred airtime to another Econet line but I did not get a confirmation message from 31117.

Call 111 or 119 or visit the nearest Econet shop for assistance.