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Commercial Messages

What are Commercial Messages?

  • Free text messages sent to Econet customers giving them the latest updates, news, offers and buzz.
  • Messages include Econet messages or bulk messages from our Bulk SMS service.

Do I automatically get the commercial message on my phone?

No. You have to first register/subscribe for the service.

Do I get charged for registering for the Commercial Messages?

No. You are not charged for both registering and using the service. It is for free.

How do I subscribe for Commercial Messages?

Specific Messages >>

Sms the category name to 30440. For example, “Broadband” to 30440.

All Messages >>

  • Sms the world “ALL” to 30440 and wait for a confirmation message.
  • By sending “ALL”, you will receive both Econet and Bulk commercial messages which are not filtered.
  • This means that if you try to select a category from the Category List, you will get a message like the following:

“You are already registered for Ecocash messages”.

“You are already registered for Commercial messages.”

How do I select the type of messages that I want to receive?

Sms “CATEGORYNAME” to 30440 and you will be given a list of categories to choose from.

  1. Categories include:

                                                            i.         Informational

                                                           ii.         Promotional

                                                         iii.         Commercial

                                                         iv.         Buddie

                                                           v.         Econet Solar

                                                         vi.         Broadband

                                                        vii.         Econetinthecommunity

                                                      viii.         Ecocash

                                                         ix.         Business Partna

  1. SMS the category name to 30440 (as shown above) and wait for a confirmation response.

How do I know that I have successfully subscribed for Commercial Messages?

You will receive a confirmation message reading “Thank you. You have successfully registered for latest updates, news, offers & buzz”.

How do I unsubscribe for Commercial Messages?

  • Sms “STOP#CATEGORYNAME” to 30440. For example, “STOP#Promotional” to 30440.
  • You will then receive the following confirmation message:

“You have been successfully unsubscribed from promotional messages. Please note that you will not receive messages of this type until you register again”