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Econet Free Birthday Message Service

What is the Econet Free Birthday Message Service?

This is a reward system by Econet Wireless, where we give 10 free Birthday Messages to our valued customers on their birthdays.

How many free Birthday Messages am I awarded on my birthday?

The customer is issued 10 FREE local smses on their Econet Line.

What happens to the free Birthday Messages if I own more than one Econet line?

You can only receive 10 free smses regardless of how many Econet lines are registered in your name. If the customer has more than one Econet line, the smses are credited into the first mobile number that you registered as a customer.

Can I use my free Birthday Messages to send an international message?

No. They cannot be used across networks. They can only work for Econet to Econet messages.

I did not receive any free Birthday Messages on my birthday.

Please call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

When do my free Birthday Messages expire?

Please note that the free messages are only valid for 7 days. After that they will expire and will be removed from your account.

I received free Birthday Messages but now I am failing to use them.

  • Please ensure that you were using the free smses for on-net (Econet to Econet) messages only.
  • If the challenge persists, please call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.