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What is Econetmail?

  • This is an Econet email service that allows all our broadband subscribers to access their email whenever and wherever you are.
  • You are given a free email address linked to your mobile number, where your number becomes your email username.
  • For example: If your number is 0770 000 000 your email address becomes: .

What are the benefits of using Econetmail?

  • Fast access to your email
  • A unique and personalized email address
  • A customized email address that is simple and easily accessible to friends, family and business associates. If they know your phone number then they know your email address!
  • You can access your mail whenever and wherever you need to. This means that you can access your mail from any device (phone, laptop, ipad and desktop) from anywhere in the world.
  • Your email account comes with spam and virus scans together with a mailbox with a capacity of 10years worth of emails.
  • With Econetmail, inboxes will not slow down and ‘freeze” on photos, videos, and other large file attachments with twice the attachment size limit of other providers.
  • You also get daily backups, where your email account data is saved nightly to top their data centres and restored from the past 14days directly from the control panel at no additional cost.

What are the basic features of Econetmail?

  • Spam and Virus Protection
  • Daily Backups
  • Secure Encryption
  • 360° Outlook Backup
  • 50MB attachments
  • 10GB Mailbox
  • Ad-free and Privacy guaranteed

How much will I get charged for using the Econetmail service?

  • The Econetmail email address is absolutely FREE for all active broadband subscribers.
  • However, you will need to purchase data bundles or airtime to send and receive your emails.

Can anyone register for an Econetmail account?

All Econet customers are able to register for the service but they need to be already active for our Econet Broadband services.

How does one activate an Econetmail account?

  • Dial >> *155# >> Select option 1- Activate Email and wait for a confirmation message with your passwords details. You should then log onto the web address on the message which is and enter your username and password.
  • Email their mobile number to,
  • Your password becomes active at most 10minutes after receiving it and it is only valid for 24hrs before it expires.

I registered for Econetmail but now I am failing to access my account.

Dial >> *155# >> Select option 2 – Resend Login Details and wait for a message with your new passwords details or alternatively call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

How do I reset my Econetmail password?

Dial >> *155# >> Select option 2 – Resend Login Details and wait for a message with your new passwords details or alternatively call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

I am failing to open the Econetmail website on my device (laptop/handheld).

“Web page not found, Blank page, Web page not available, URL not found error responses”

  1. Econetmail may fail to open on smaller devices as it requires more phone memory to fully load.
  2. Please ensure that you are using the correct website address (
  3. Please try the following:
  • Refresh/reload webpage.
  • The site is case sensitive on most mobile devices but may open on a laptop.
  • Try opening the site using a different browser (Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome) as the current browser version may not be compatible with Econetmail.
  • Clear cache browser if they can open the site from their phone but not from their laptop or tablet.
  1. If all else fails, please visit the nearest Econet Shop for further assistance.

How do I receive notifications about my Econetmail account on my phone?

  1. On the email account, go to settings, incoming emails and then forwarding.
  2. On forwarding, ensure that the status is ‘on’ and forward to
  3. Save these settings and you will receive a confirmation message.
  4. Alternatively you can call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

I want to setup my Econetmail account on my phone, how do I go about it? Mailbox

The settings for the mail server for Econetmail are as follows:

Incoming Mail Server:
incoming mail port : 143
security off
authentication off

Outgoing Mail Server :
port : 25
security off
authentication off

*Go to the email settings on your mobile and select manual settings to input the settings above.

With reference to setting up a mailbox for Econetmail, kindly take note of the following configuration steps

  1. Enter full name e.g. Owen Takawira.
  2. Enter the email address of the account you want to configure e.g.
  3. Select account type, if using POP3 enter 995 if SSL is enabled, if using IMAP enter 993 if SSL is enabled.
  4. Configure the Incoming mail server of your Mail Service Provider e.g. if you have an Econetmail account , your incoming mail server will be
  5. Outgoing mail server is (No authentication required, mail server port 25).
  6. Set Username and password that you use to logon to the account and tick remember.

Can I change my email address from the phone number to a username of my choice?

No. Econetmail is based on making your phone number your email address.

Where do I get more information on Econetmail?

For more information on Econetmail please visit your nearest Econet Shop or send your enquiry to .