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What is eTXT?

  • eTXT is a revolutionary new way of staying in touch with friends and family.
  • It enables Econet subscribers to send and receive chats and email messages on any mobile phone via SMS.

What are the benefits of using eTXT?

  • Free Econet email and chat address for all Econet subscribers. This will be the customer’s mobile phone number (example
  • Can send and receive chat messages on your mobile phone.
  • Internet messaging without a PC.
  • Mobile Messaging using your existing phone; No Smartphone required.
  • No data connection required;
  • No downloads required, no compatibility/configuration issues;
  • Email, Chat and Social Network contacts are stored in the phone’s address book for easy, quick messaging and identification of incoming messages.
  • No downloading of programs so it works on any phone.
  • Can send email messages from any mobile phone just like an SMS with no internet needed.

How do I register for an eTXT account?

  • SMS Webreg space followed by their NAME to 30000. For Example: webreg John Smith and wait for a confirmation message with their new email & chat address which is their cell
  • All messages to 30000 are FREE.
  • Log onto use your username and password to activate your eTXT account.
  1. Please Save 30000 as the eTXT setup number in their phonebook.
  2. Before you can use the service, first purchase any of the two plans highlighted below by sending the word PLAN to 30000.
Plan/Subscription Purchase Price How to Purchase a Plan
7 days USD $0.30 sms PLAN 7 (P7) to 30000
30 days USD $1.00 sms PLAN 30 (P30) to 30000

You will receive a confirmation message on your device when your transaction has gone through.

  1. For details on how to add contacts, send emails & chat messages, or other questions, smsthe word HELP to 30000 and select any of the following options:
  • Send Email.
  • Chat with Yahoo or MSN, Gtalk and Facebook.
  • Website
  • Chat status
  • Change email address
  • Find contacts
  • Get address INFO
  • Change eTXT name
  • eTXT charges
  • STOP the service
  • Call centre

I subscribed for an eTXT plan but I was only given 24hrs to use my account.

  1. Please call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

I am getting the response “You do not have an active subscription” whenever I try to use my eTXT account.

Once sure when the service stopped working, please call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

I registered for eTXT but I was charged twice for one subscription.

Please call 111/119 or visit an Econet shop near you for assistance.

*Kindly note that refunds are not a guarantee and they take time to be processed, you will however be notified once feedback has been received on your query after contacting us.

I registered for eTXT but now I have forgotten the password for my account.

  1. Send PWD to 30000 and wait for the following message:
  2. Password reset has been successful. The new password for 0777 123 456 is XXXX.
  3. Log onto use your username (mobile number) and new password to access your eTXT account.
  4. The password can be changed on the Settings page after you have logged in and it should be eight characters with alpha, numeric and punctuation characters.

I registered for eTXT but now I am failing to log into my account.

  1. SMS PWD to 30000 to receive a new password for their account.
  2. Log onto use your username and new password to access your eTXT account.

How do I manage the status of my eTXT account?

  1. Please ensure that you are registered for eTXT.
  2. SMS the following to 30000:
  • Online >> activates your chat status on (Facebook, Gtalk). You will remain online and receive chats every day until you sms Offline to 30000.
  • Offline >> deactivates your chat
  • Away
  • Busy
  • Stop
  • Start

How do I add my contacts to my eTXT account?

  1. Please ensure that you are successfully registered for eTXT.
  2. When you receive an eTXT chat or email for the first time, please save the number to the mobile contacts in your device.
  3. Alternatively, you can
  • Log onto your username and password
  • Go to the settings page on your account.
  • Click on the Facebook logo.
  • Select the contacts page and click on the “Facebook Friends” field to add friends.
  • Kindly save the Facebook number you receive on your phone for each Facebook friend.

How do I send a wall post to my Facebook page using eTXT?

  1. Send a message to 30000 in the following format: WALL (space) YOUR POST. For example, WALL call centre week fun day kiki.
  2. To send a post to a friend’s Facebook page, SMS WALL (space) and then the message to the saved Facebook number. For example, “WALL Ndeipi naTindo!”

How do I send an email using my eTXT account?

  1. Please ensure that you are registered for eTXT.
  2. Send the following message to 30000: Name (space) Email address.
  3. Kindly save the number that they receive and start sending messages to that number which will then be received as emails by the recipient.