Knowledge Base / How do I purchase a Buddie Beatz ringtone?

  • If your line is registered for the service you need a minimum of USD $0.25 in your account.
    Send “def space Song ID” to 35557 (This is not case sensitive).
  • IVR >> Dial 35557 >> Select Option 1- Enquiry to order Ringtone Code from Playlist. You should then select the playlist that you want to listen to (e.g. Billboard) >> you will then be prompted to select a ringtone and be given an opportunity to listen to it.
  • USSD >> Dial *157*Song ID#
  • You should receive a message confirming the successful purchase of the song.
  • Send a message with the following “default space Song ID to 35557 to activate the song as your default ringback tone.

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